Discover the secrets of a magical world

Explore a vast world.
Whether it is a burning town right beside Kumotoshi or a civilization underground.
Each new area has its own aesthetic and beings who reside in them.
Discover its rich history while also managing your high school life.

Engage in viseral character-action combat

Experience combo based action with deep customization.
Passive Runes give you strength if you can fulfil its conditions.
Actives Runes are devastating spells that you unleash on your enemies.
Modules are modifiers that you can mix and match, to fine tune your loadout

Form Relationships with the townsfolk

Each character you meet may or may not like a new face in town.
Form bonds with them and get tangled in their stories.
Get stronger through your relationships.


Xbox One & Series X
Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
Playstation 5

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